What is a tote bag?

The tote bag serves as an easy carryall for traveling, going to work, shopping, and running errands which in a nutshell, encompasses every aspect of life. It's usually a basic structure created from a single panel of material secured at the sides, and the bottom.  

What makes our bag truly timeless?

Timeless Tote With A Twist

However, we have added an exciting new twist making this a must have addition to any collection.  Made of Vegetable tanned leathers which is more durable and can last a lifetime.  With time and care, it will develop a rich 'patina' enhancing its natural beauty.  The dyes used in Vegetable tanning leather are extracted from plants, which is a natural process, making our bags eco-friendly as well.

Now to the exciting twist, it's all in our details!  Our tote is made from rectangular shape panels which are attached at the sides by our signature leather lacing detail which makes it a showstopper.  The interior is unbelievably room with a large interior pocket for carrying protecting a cell phone.  In addition, there are two brass hook rings for attaching things like your keys and a makeup bag helping to keep your bag organized. 


This timeless tote with a twist is a must have addition to any collection available at!